Tax season can be a stressful and worrisome time for many people, especially if you own a business. However, there is a lot outside of tax season that you have to worry about. At BFG Tax Help, we strive to ensure your best possible financial outcome year-round. We offer a variety of services for small business owners to take advantage of and ensure a successful financial future.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Whether you need quarterly or monthly assessments, we can provide your business with a variety of accounting and bookkeeping services. We can help you with bank reconciliation, income statements, balance sheets, general ledger management, and much more. We provide unlimited consultations to ensure that you’re getting the most updated and accurate information possible.

Payroll Services

BFG Tax help can assist with all aspects of your payroll, data recording, digital payroll processing, auditing, or other payroll services. We’ll make sure you have the time you need to run your business, so that you can focus on your products and services. We stay up to date on the latest changes to both federal and state laws, so you don’t have to. You can choose which of our three levels of payroll services best suits your business needs.

Strategic Business Coaching

Your strategic business plan is important to the growth and success of your business. At BFG Tax Help, we can help you develop your strategic business plan that covers all your bases. Whether you’re starting a new business from scratch, or continuing with an established business, we can help you ensure that you’re addressing the important aspects of your business. From identifying your audience, developing product descriptions, competitor research and more, we’ll develop a plan for your business with success in mind.

There are many other ways that BFG Tax Help can assist you with your business outside of tax season. Our goal is to give you back the time you need to run your business, while keeping your goals and financial success in mind. We have many years of experience helping businesses with their accounting and tax preparation needs. Our team is ready to help you analyze your businesses finances, build a strategy, and execute that plan to benefit your business. Call our team here at BFG Tax Help in Richardson, Texas to start working toward your goals today.