Whether you’re starting a new business, or your small business is already established, it’s important to ensure that you are doing all that you can to protect the financial future of that business. At BFG Tax Help, we understand that every business is unique and requires different financial needs. From tax services to strategic coaching, we can help small business owners get set up for financial success.

Starting a New Business

When you’re starting a business it’s crucial that you take the time to develop a plan that gives you the advantage to have all of the information you need. We can help you to take the right steps toward starting your business, so you avoid common mistakes that lead to failure. At BFG Tax Help, we help you prepare your business, review your potential tax advantages, identify insurance needs, and so much more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

As a business owner, it’s important that your accounting and bookkeeping stays up to date. At BFG Tax Help, we understand how valuable your time is and don’t want you to waste it keeping up with your financials. Your time should be spent finding new customers and generating profit. We offer monthly or quarterly accounting and bookkeeping services that will benefit your company. Whether you need bank reconciliation, income statements, balance sheets or general ledger management, we can help you manage your business with ease. You’ll get unlimited consultations with our financial experts so you can stay on top of your finances without missing a beat.

Passing a Business to Another Individual

It’s very common that small businesses are passed on to younger generations, especially in a family-owned business. Unfortunately, a majority of those businesses will not survive the transfer due to the lack of planning, discomfort of discussions, or financial strain. We can help you clarify your plans and strategize how your succession will unfold. Our professional financial team at BFG Tax Help will help you understand and prepare for the implications and struggles of passing your business on.

Tax Services

Filing taxes as a business is different than do so as an individual and it’s important that they are filed accurately. The most important part of filing taxes as a business is preparation and planning. When preparing your taxes, a professional can help you understand the complicated laws and the changes in deductions or credits that change every year. At BFG Tax Help, we will help you prepare your taxes, as well as strategize for maximum tax savings.

BFG Tax Help offers financial services in Richardson, Texas for individuals, small business owners, and corporations with all of their financial needs. If you’re a small business owner and need help with your taxes, bookkeeping, payroll or other financial responsibilities, call us today to schedule an appointment.