The new year train has rolled out of the station and is picking up momentum already. First stop? Tax season.

If you haven’t been thinking about or preparing for it, you should be! Especially if you’ve got unfiled taxes or owe back taxes. It’s really time to face those things.

As long as you’ve got income flowing into your wallet, taxes will be a reality, no matter if you avoid them or not. And when it comes to getting your taxes together, who’s on your team that you trust to fight for YOU?

Well, finding a trustworthy tax preparer you can depend on to actually help you is something anyone with tax debt should be concerned with. Because it’s hard to know for sure who you can trust. A lot of the hacks and dissolve tax debt companies out there just want to capitalize on your situation for their benefit. Sure, they might help you solve your problem for now, but are they determined to do it in a way that’s focused on you not only now but also moving forward?

Despite the self-serving nature of this note, we want to assure you that not just any old tax advisor (or agency) will do.

When determining the best Richardson tax advisor to represent you and help you put things in order, you’ll want to watch out for these red flags…

Richardson Taxpayers with IRS Problems: How to Choose the Best Tax Advisor
“Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket.” -Andrew Carnegie

The first and most common red flag you’ll want to keep an eye out for when choosing the best tax advisor for you is their promise to get you a big return. If they’re really intent on getting you that sizeable return, it could also mean they get a percentage of the kickback from your return. Thus, they’re prone to do whatever it takes moving forward (legal or illegal) to get that big return for you.

Another red flag to consider when choosing the best tax advisor for you has to do with a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Any real tax preparer is legally required to have one. If you have any checks in your system, use the IRS-backed PTIN Directory to sniff out if the preparer you’re working with is the real deal. Another thing to keep an eye out for is anyone who says they’re “endorsed by the IRS.” That’s not a thing. The IRS doesn’t put endorsement stamps on anyone.

Finally, when choosing the best tax advisor for you take note of the actual office location for a prospective preparer — if they’re looking like a “pop-up shop” in your area, it’s most likely they bounce around from location to location looking to prey on new, unsuspecting people.

Beware! Scam artists abound, and we don’t want you to fall prey to their game.

So, one fool-proof suggestion I can guarantee — whoever you choose to help you prepare your taxes should be local… and your interactions with them should start with relationship.

Taxes are important, but they aren’t life. There’s so much to take into account when filing your taxes. Your career goals and family aspirations are key factors in the process and scammers won’t give a care about those priorities — just your money.

If you haven’t landed on a particular tax advisor, please do yourself a favor and do some comparison shopping… What benefits does each option provide? Checking online reviews to see the experiences others have had with a tax professional is essential in today’s digital climate.

Remember, I’m here to answer any questions you have on what to look for in a Richardson tax advisor.

“Deliverance” might sound like an intense term, but until you’ve had a tax professional on your side (not just for tax season), you may not realize the relief it’ll bring. And don’t plan to “take on” the IRS by yourself – surrounding yourself with a quality team makes all the difference.

Go ahead and start the search for the right tax pro and get ahead on your tax problems now. Oh, and when you do, take time to entertain the thought: Taxes together.



Teresa Bilsky
BFG Tax Help