At BFG Tax Help, we are tax professionals that provide a variety of solutions for your individual and business needs in Richardson, Texas. If you’ve never needed a tax professional, then you may not know what they do or if you may need one.

Tax Professional as Defined by the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service refers to tax professionals as tax preparers. This may be a certified public accountant, attorney, enrolled agent, or another person that doesn’t have professional credential. No matter their title, this person should be someone that you can trust with personal information and is skilled in tax preparation to file your tax return correctly. They will need to know detailed information regarding finances, which include your income, social security numbers, children and marriage.

When Should I Hire a Tax Professional?

  1. If you struggle to find time or patience to deal with your taxes, you will benefit most from hiring a professional to file your taxes. Filing takes time and if you rush through the process, you are likely to make a mistake which will create more issues later on. If you’re concerned about how long it may take to prepare your taxes, it’s probably in your best interest to hire a tax professional.
  2. Your tax situation is complicated due to dependents, charitable contributions, investments or other factors. The more transactions that you have, the more you need to be careful with your filing. If you own a business, are self-employed or you freelance, a tax professional can help you figure out your tax situation. At BFG Tax Help, our professionals will help you determine your deductions for your home office, travels, vehicles and more. If we catch anything that may raise concern, we will address it right away to ensure your tax filing is smooth and painless.
  3. If you want your deductions itemized, you’ll want a tax professional’s help. There are less people itemizing deductions due to Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act. You could potentially save money with just taking the standard deductions if you have a mortgage, major medical costs or make large charitable donations. It can be difficult to itemize your deductions, especially if it’s new for you. If you’re wanting to itemize your deductions, it’s best practice to get a tax professional’s help. At BFG Tax Help, we can help you item your deductions to avoid mistakes.
  4. If you’ve had any major changes in the last year of your life such as getting married, buying a house or having a baby, your taxes could be impacted. For the first time you file, you may want to have a tax professional show you how to do it.
  5. If you’re starting to stress about entering numbers or handling dependents, you’re probably struggling to trust yourself with covering all the bases. If you get a tax professional to help you prepare your taxes, you won’t have added stress to deal with.

At BFG Tax Help, we provide businesses and individuals in Richardson, Texas with the financial services that they need to be successful and avoid rocky waters. If you’re looking for professional assistance with your taxes, BFG Tax Help is here to serve you. Call us today to start your path to a better financial future.